3D printed Miniatures Explained

How we made our 3D printed Miniatures

👌We carefully manufacture
all of our products the models are printed

in very high resolution with 3D printer.

All of our figures come unpainted and unassembled.

All prints are cleaned and cured.

Model preparation (sanding, assembly, fitting parts) may be required
by the customer.

The supports are removed from the models and they are
checked for defects, but all 3D prints have small, hidden support marks on the
underside or bottom of them.

All parts are carefully packaged to ensure the safe arrival
of your new figure.

3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY you need to understand a few thing. This is a
""Do it Yourself Kit"and the figurines will be shippedunpainted.
You will need to do some finishing work to get the best results.Many figurines
require supports which can leave tiny marks

that can be removed with sanding or fixed by plastic putty.
Larger models may also be hollowed out and will have resin drainage holes that
are easily fixed with glue or putty. I try to remove as many support struts as
possible.Buyers please note that color of the figure may be various of what you
see on the photos, some components may need a little sending for a perfect Fit
for assembling. The color of the model can be various depending on the
available color!!

Figurine Statue Scales / Sizes

📏Size :

Standard height, for a male person, in miniatures it is
calculated on average 1800 mm for 1: 1 scales (so a man, he is 1m , 80 cm tall).

Based on this size, some scales are already attached to some measures see
example above:Pay attention to the following detailsThe figure of 1800 mm is an
average size, which applies to miniature projects.Depending on the project
(character), the size can be changed.Example:The female gender in many cases is
lower in body height than men.Children or adolescents are less tall than
adults.Monsters or other inhuman characters (from movies, comics, etc.) are
usually taller than humans

👉Bigger model sizes has
always better details,

if you need a different size please contact me to make a
custom listing for you!

Metric / Imperial

1/24 (75mm) ~ 2.95 inch

1/16 (112mm) ~ 4.4 inch

1:12 (150mm) ~ 5.90 inch

1/10 (180mm) ~ 7.08 inch

1/8 (225mm) ~ 8.85 inch

1/6 (300mm) ~ 11.81 inch

1/4 (450mm) ~ 17.71 inch

Processing and Shipping

🔥It might take from 3 to
10 business days to 3D print your order and have it shipped depending the
orders i have!

Always check the processing time before placing order!

❓Please contact us if you have
any questions.

Note that: Please record a video while you first opening
shipping box to proof that you get your figure unbroken. Thank you for your
cooperation. Our figures not a exact copy of the original source hereby we not
taking any responsibilities.

All of the models MADE TO ORDER we dont have any printed 3D
model on stock. When you purchusing an item in our shop you are paying for our
service as a 3D printing shop.Placing an order in our shop means you are paying
for a 3d printing service for made to order.

  • Wrapping

    We wraping your resin models with care and precision using our best-quality wrapping materials. Your creations deserve the best.

  • Packaging

    Your models deserve the best protection while in transit. Trust our Packing Peanuts to safeguard your precious items with care.

  • Preparing

    We give your resin models the royal treatment with our premium wrapping paper.

  • Shipping

    Understanding the criticality of over size box for safety purposes, we employ a sizable box to ensure the secure delivery of your shipment to your designated location.