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Black Canary BUST 3D Printed Figurine FunArt | Diorama by B3DSERK UNPAINTED GARAGE KIT

Black Canary BUST 3D Printed Figurine FunArt | Diorama by B3DSERK UNPAINTED GARAGE KIT

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Explore ThreeDTreasury for a diverse range of 3D printed resin kits, from anime-inspired to alluring pinups. Discover high-quality figurines, statues, and pin-ups, perfect for collectors.


The size of the model at scale 1/4 ~ (450mm) ~ 18 inch25cm height bottom to top

❗❗This item is not an official product, is an artistic expression called FANART. The item is intended to resemble the actual object of the expression as a 3D object artwork, but not to represent a copy or replica.❗❗

❗ Please read before purchasing! 

👉All our models unpainted.

👉All our models unassembled.

👉Painting service available. Contact us.

👉👉Design by: Wicked
Link to Patreon

👉👉For more designs please visit the artist webpage
👉👉👉More STL Models
send us a custom order with the link of the design!

👉All our models licensed. We are paying license fee to the artist.
We are committed to do so to support the designer artists.
Please consider it to buy from Commercial Licensed merchants.We are not selling digital files.

👉The pictures is not actual pictures of the product just an illustration.

Metric / Imperial

1/24 ~ (75mm) ~ 2.95 inch

1/16 ~ (110mm) ~ 4.33 inch

1:12 ~ (150mm) ~ 5.90 inch

1/10 ~ (180mm) ~ 7.08 inch

1/8 ~ (220mm) ~ 8.66 inch

1/6 ~ (300mm) ~ 12 inch

1/4 ~ (450mm) ~ 18 inch

📏Scale of the Model

Standard height, for a male person, in miniatures it is calculated on average 1800 mm for 1: 1 scales (so a man, he is 1m , 80 cm tall ).

📏Scale of the Bust:
Scaled to ❗cca. 1/24❗ 75mm that means the calculated human STANDING STRAIT body size from the foot to the top of the head 75mm the rest is scaled to that ❗❗
1/24 scale your bust upper body size (without the lower body) will be cca. 50mm (2/3)
Rest of the sizes following the scale.

❗❗The variety of the model sizes refers to the scale of the figurine body size not the actual size of the full model❗❗

👉Bigger model sizes has always better details,
if you need a different size please contact me to make a custom listing for you!
Material: High quality Water-Wash Resin+
Printer: Photon M3 Max 7k
Design by: Porsculpt

👌We carefully manufacture all of our products the models are printed
in very high resolution with 3D printer.
All of our figures comeunpaintedand unassembled.
All prints are cleaned and cured.
Model preparation (sanding, assembly) may be required by the customer.
The supports are removed from the models and they are checked for defects, but all 3D prints have small, hidden support marks on the underside or bottom of them.
All parts are carefully packaged to ensure the safe arrival of your new figure.

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