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RONELLE, THE SEERESS SFW Figure 3D Printed Fanart DIY Garage Kit , Unpainted

RONELLE, THE SEERESS SFW Figure 3D Printed Fanart DIY Garage Kit , Unpainted

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Explore ThreeDTreasury for a diverse range of 3D printed resin kits, from anime-inspired to alluring pinups. Discover high-quality figurines, statues, and pin-ups, perfect for collectors.

The sky is on fire. The Veil burns with eerie incandescence, and from behind the ethereal embers, the stars watch with a malignant permanence. With nothing to separate Aestara from the roiling void, it seeps into the land and spreads its stain, corrupting and spoiling whatever it touches.

Since the war in the south, when the Scorching began, there have been sightings of strange creatures in the ancient and twisted forest of Gwithilyn and word of entire tribes disappearing within has finally reached the Treveri tribe. They now prepare their warriors and scouts to investigate the spreading shadow.

The Far West is a plague-ravaged land where the dead refuse to stay dead thanks to the machinations of a crazed alchemist dabbling with forces he thinks he understands. How wrong he was. Aleric the Craven, a once-respected Coven Alchemist, has fallen to madness and corruption. He is now hunted by the Coven's Inquisitors. Anya Jaeger is but one of these holy bounty hunters carrying out justice with the aid of blessed six-shooting irons, holy blades, and the power of the Divine.

❗❗This item is not an official product, is an artistic expression called FANART. The item is intended to resemble the actual object of the expression as a 3D object artwork, but not to represent a copy or replica.❗❗

❗ Please read before purchasing! ❗

👉All our models unpainted.

👉All our models unassembled.

👉Painting service available. Contact us.


We are paying license fees to the artist.

We are committed to do so to support the designer artists.
Please consider it to buy from Commercial Licensed merchants.We are not selling digital files.

📏1:10 scale the model height is approx. 230mm.

📏Size of the Model:
Scaled to ❗cca. 1/24❗ 75mm that means the calculated human STANDING STRAIT body size from the foot to the top of the head 75mm the rest is scaled to that ❗❗
Rest of the sizes following the scale.

📏Size of the Bust:
Scaled to ❗cca. 1/24❗ 75mm that means the calculated human STANDING STRAIT body size from the foot to the top of the head 75mm the rest is scaled to that ❗❗
1/24 scale your bust upper body size (without the lower body) will be cca. 50mm (2/3)
Rest of the sizes following the scale.

👉Bigger model sizes has always better details,
if you need a different size please contact me to make a custom Etsy listing for you!
Material: High quality Water-Wash Resin+
Printer: Photon M3 Max 7k

👉The pictures is not actual pictures of the product just an illustration.

👌We carefully manufacture all of our products the models are printed
in very high resolution with 3D printer.
All of our figures come Unpainted and unassembled.
All prints are cleaned and cured.
Model preparation (sanding, assembly, fitting parts) may be required by the customer.
The supports are removed from the models and they are checked for defects, but all 3D prints have small, hidden support marks on the underside or bottom of them.
All parts are carefully packaged to ensure the safe arrival of your new figure.

👉IF YOU ARE NEW TO RESIN 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY you need to understand a few thing. This is a "Do it Yourself Kit" and the figurines will be shipped unpainted. You will need to do some finishing work to get the best results.Many figurines require supports which can leave tiny marks
that can be removed with sanding or fixed by plastic putty. Larger models may also be hollowed out and will have resin drainage holes that are easily fixed with glue or putty. I try to remove as many support struts as possible.Buyers please note that color of the figure may be various of what you see on the photos, some components may need a little sending for a perfect Fit for assembling. The color of the model can be various depending on the available color!!

🔥It might take from 3 to 10 business days to 3D print your order and have it shipped depending the orders i have!
Always check the processing time before placing order!

❓Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note that: Please record a video while you first opening shipping box to proof that you get your figure unbroken. Thank you for your cooperation. Our figures not a exact copy of the original source hereby we not taking any responsibilities.

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